The seminar work is a methodological preparation for writing a bachelor’s or master’s thesis. It is therefore a written, professional work of a shorter scope, in which the student shows his / her ability to write and orientate in the given issue. The issue of seminar work is more than specific. The student is thus able to deal with one particular problem in detail. In spite of her highly professional character, she is allowed, in addition to her professional style, essayist style, especially in parts such as introduction and conclusion.


A rigorous thesis is part of the defense of the rigorous exam. Such a test may be in accordance with Act no. 131/2002 Coll. only graduates of degree programs who have earned a master’s degree. This makes it possible to apply for a rigorous examination in a field in which they have obtained a university degree or in a related field.

Thus, the rigorous thesis itself is a written work by which the candidate proves that he / she is able to process scientific knowledge and read literature well, but also to obtain his / her own knowledge, apply it in practice and also in the written work. Of course, the work should be original, so it should not be a few sentences transcribed diplomovka or other already published work and should not be just a summary of the literature. The scope of the rigorous thesis is greater than the scope of the thesis. The rigorous thesis is written according to the guidelines of a particular university or university where the thesis will be defended.


The final thesis is a work that is part of the completion of many courses, training and so on. The work must comply with the requirements of the training center.

The final thesis is also part of the evaluation of several subjects at the university. If a student has to write more final theses during the semester, he is not in a position to be responsible for each final thesis. A simple solution for students and workers is to turn to our team of professionals and have the final papers drawn up precisely according to predetermined conditions.


The bachelor thesis is the final work of the 1st degree of university study and its defense is a part of the state examination. The student should demonstrate the ability to work creatively in the field of study in which he completed his study program. It should demonstrate appropriate knowledge of the issue and apply its skills in the collection, interpretation and processing of basic professional literature.


The diploma thesis is connected with the completion of the second degree. It is the final work and part of the state exam. The student chooses the topic of writing a thesis and processes it at the level of a scientific study with a professional selection of literature. The work is enriched with appropriately chosen scientific procedures, scientific questions and hypotheses.

The thesis usually has 40-50 standard pages. It is more specialized in comparison with the bachelor thesis. The thesis also includes its own research that requires a lot of time. Work has a precise composition and must not miss parts.

The procedure for writing documents for the thesis:

  • When ordering please provide basic information about your work – title of diploma thesis, particular school, faculty, number of pages, date of submission
  • While you are writing the documents, you will communicate directly with the author, enter your exact requirements at any time while you are writing
  • We can write the documents for the diploma thesis according to the requirements and consultations concerning the work
  • Very important for us is the mutual communication between the client and the author, which we take great care of
  • The result of our cooperation is a formal and grammatically modified basis of your work