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On-campus jobs for students

Things To Consider Before Committing To A College Campus Job

Explore your employment options at college

As students continue to battle ever-rising tuition rates due to incessant government subsidies, it is important to get a clear picture of all the options at your disposal.

  • Are on-campus jobs a viable way to supplement your income significantly or ever pay a portion of your student debt?
  • How hard is it to find a good on-campus job?
  • Are there specific programs you could apply for?

Of course, you could always get a part-time job outside the campus, but not before completely exhausting on-campus job opportunities. Such jobs have major advantages over regular part-time jobs that are off-campus:

  • Employers are far more flexible for you to align your work schedule with your study and school schedule.
  • No waste of time and expenses by needing to commute to work.

However, if you do manage to gain employment via Federal Work-Study program – FWS – you will often find that your earned money will be absorbed by your tuition. Fortunately, this doesn’t apply to all colleges. Another consideration to take into account when comparing on-campus and off-campus jobs is that you might get a significantly higher income with off-campus jobs.

For example, a job with the lowest barrier book report writer to entry – waiting tables – may lack in the glamour department, but it more than compensates for it with tips. After all, you must have heard the saying, it’s all about location.

This saying applies to both real estate and student job opportunities. Where would your income be higher? On an on-campus job serving as a waiter for indebted students, or serving as a waiter in an upscale restaurant close to your campus?

Therefore, consider carefully before committing to an on-campus job. In the end, the extra convenience of an on-campus job may break the tie.

For most students, the best on-campus jobs are those that are in some way aligned with the school itself. These jobs usually come in the form of a:

  • Research assistant
  • Teaching assistant
  • Librarian/assistant
  • Administrative/mail assistant
  • Resident assistant

The best way to find them ahead of everyone else is to directly contact all of your departments and the college administration. Early bird gets the worm!

Additionally, you may have noticed that large corporations have a big presence on almost all college campuses. Try to find those that are present on your college, and inquire about becoming a campus ambassador. The job of a campus ambassador is to spread the company’s products and services to other students. Usually, they are looking for outgoing students with a pleasant demeanor and great communication skills.

Another lucrative option, if you are ahead of the cognitive curve, is to become a tutor for other students – a peer tutor. They are not that in demand within the humanities/liberal arts programs but are always in high demand when it comes to STEM programs.

These are the most consistent jobs you can find, but be on the lookout for occasional on-campus job opportunities as well, such as event caterers and campus tour paramountessays guides. Lastly, although everything nowadays is available online, don’t forget to check all the job boards on-campus, as well as general job-hunting sites such as Craigslist. America is a huge nation, so your job opportunities will vary drastically from campus to campus.