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Are you currently writing a bachelor’s or master’s thesis? 

Do you want to have a low match in the central register of final works? The only certainty that your final test will pass and the chances of compliance with another job is minimized is to write it honestly. It is important to use paraphrasing as much as possible. How to do it? We will give you a concrete example of how to paraphrase the text.

Writing standard (1996, p. 186) defines the family as “the most important social group, which is the economic, social cell of a multi-task society, where its main task is reproduction of duration and education, respectively. socialization of offspring. “

The paraphrase of the text may be:

According to standards (1996), we define the family as a basic form of cohabitation, which performs several functions, whether social, economic, while ensuring the family and the physical and mental development of man is the most important duty.

So the paraphrase is a modified idea of ‚Äč‚Äčanother author, while the meaning of that idea remains unchanged. So the information from the book seems to paraphrase your work. At that time, this text is not put into quotation marks and may be on the whole page of work.

We can help you with our work through our authors, who can provide you with relevant information on how to make a comment.